Existential Coaching

             ‘To help people to get better at facing up to difficulties with courage instead of running away from them’

(Deurzen, 2011)

Existential Coaching bases its approach upon the central assumption that life is uncertain and that the only predictable thing we can say about it is that we will be confronted with this uncertainly throughout our journey.

In meeting this uncertainty we become who we are through the choices we make. Our choices are influenced by factors such as the assumptions, beliefs, judgements, hopes and fears we hold about ourselves and others.

Often our thinking is clouded and our position in the world is unclear. Whether our uncertainties relate to personal, such as relationships or work and finances our experience of responding to them provokes a deep sense of unease, or anxiety. Uncomfortable with this, we try to remove the feeling often by problematic means such as avoidance, addictions or displacement activities.

Existential Coaching suggests that rather than anxiety being ‘a bad thing’ or a problematic presence that must be reduced or removed, it can put us in touch with our sense of being alive, and motivate our creative decision making capacity.

Existential Coaching argues that it is not useful to apply general techniques to specific and uniquely experienced life-issues. Instead, the creation of a secure space encourages you to get to know more accurately and to experience more honestly just what your view of the worlds is and how this is impacting your lived experience.

One of the goals of existential coaching therefore, is to raise your worldview and choice into awareness in order to live a more authentic life.

What to expect

If you wish to book an initial session this will be an opportunity for us discuss the coaching process and see if you feel comfortable.

We will talk about what brings you to coaching and what you hope to gain from our work. There is no obligation to continue however should you decide that further sessions might be of use for you we will agree on the best way to approach your difficulties.

Coaching is often useful for exploring possible solutions to specific situations. It may be useful to integrate some Reiki with coaching. This will not only promote deep relaxation but may also help to dissolve emotional blockages and help to address tensions and conflicts that could be experienced symptomatically.