Bereavement is a process people go through after the death or loss of a significant person in their lives. Many people experience difficult times when dealing with bereavement. They may feel shock, lack of concentration, disbelief, panic, guilt, anger, loneliness, fear, anxiety, numbness and/or depression. People may also experience physical symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, weight loss or gain, increased sensitivity to pain, recurrence of previously dormant conditions and high blood pressure.

The grieving process is very different for everyone its impact often depending on what is happening in people’s lives, e.g. a time when family and friends get together (Birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, Eid and New Year) can be very emotional when dealing with a recent bereavement.

Bereavement can be more complicated when the loss is sudden and there has been no time to adjust, to right any wrongs or to say goodbyes. Those left behind may feel that they have many unanswered questions.

Those who are suffering from grief often do so alone, either not wishing or not able to discuss their feelings with friends and family in the way they need. Often those grieving suffer an additional loss of lack of support by family and friends who move back into their busy lives assuming grief is over. It is at these times that many feelings which affect an individual’s ability to cope and look after themselves can surface .e.g. fear, anxiety and depression. It is important for people to seek help to work through their feelings of pain and confusion and learn to begin to cope with loss.

Psychotherapy can help individual’s make sense of their thoughts and feelings, and reduce the physical symptoms that accompany these feelings. Contacting a therapist who can provide a supportive environment to help you begin to work through your grief may be an important step in learning to cope and adjusting to the life change that bereavement forces upon you.

It may be that physical effects such as headaches, weight loss or gain, panic attacks and anxiety are signs of unresolved grief. If you are experiencing these symptoms, Reiki may help to accelerate a deep sense of healing and peace.

*Always consult a medical professional about any physical symptoms.