Existential Psychotherapy

Existential Therapy with its roots in philosophy and what it means to be truly alive is a unique style of therapy concerned with the human condition as it manifests in the struggles of day-to-day living.

Realistic through its recognition of human limitation, it is an optimistic approach emphasising human potential, which it considers to be open-ended, flexible and capable of an enormous range of experience.

Instead of using diagnostic or fixed labels of personality and abilities existential psychotherapists prefer to describe the different levels of experience and existence that people are inevitably and universally confronted with.

Psychological health, from an existential perspective, is characterised by an ability to navigate the complexities of one’s own life, the world, and one’s relationships with the world. Disturbance, on the other hand, thought to be the outcome of avoiding life’s truths and of working under the shadow of other people’s expectations and values, is considered as an inevitable experience of being human.