Solar Return Horoscope Reading

‘The Sun, which is at the heart of the solar system and the single most important symbol within the birth chart…reflects the individual’s urge to become himself.’

Liz Greene Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet (1977)

A Solar Return chart, effective for the course of a year from one birthday to another is the horoscope of the Sun’s return to its natal position.

As a return of solar energy representing a point in the continual initiation into the experience of self,  this chart, mappings potentialities and important areas of the soul’s intention as negotiated through the relevant planetary energies of the year ahead, indicates the ways in which we can move towards consciousness and shine our brightest.

Questions which may be explored by a solar return reading include :

  • What is the central task or purpose of the year ahead
  • What area of attention can provide a sense of meaningful achievement
  • What needs to be accomplished in order for us to grow or gain the skills we need at that point in our lives
  • Where can we best ‘shine’ or come to prominence – assert our leadership or centrality


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