Reiki : What to Expect

My reiki practice is situated within a uniquely peaceful garden annex environment.
Reiki treatments are delivered to a fully clothed client who is lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably supported in a chair.

We will begin by having a chat with you about how Reiki works, the different types of Reiki, your needs and what you hope to gain from the treatment.

You will then lie or sit down whilst the practitioner begins a sequence of light, non-invasive touching by placing of hands on your head and front and back of your body focusing on areas where there may be injury or muscle pain.

If requested or where appropriate (for example, in the presence of a skin irritation), Reiki can be channeled with hands off the body.

How will I feel ?

Reiki goes to wherever you may need it, both physically and emotionally.

Each person’s experience is unique and may vary with each treatment. Some of the things clients experience are:


  • A feeling of deep relaxation
  • Feelings of wellbeing
  • A heat or tingling sensation in affected areas e.g. release of tension in muscles and headaches
  • An emotional response
  • A feeling of healing